Corporate Philosophy

We will create good technology with creativity in order to realize a rich and comfortable human environment with faith and eagerness.
We will eagerly use the best technologies with creativity in order to contribute to a rich and comfortable human environment.

Management Policies

Code of Conduct

  • To positively consider the best way to achieve any target rather than to find any reason for the inability to achieve such target.
  • To be determined to carry out every activity by all means and carry out duties all together with pride and optimism.

We are united and will make efforts for the following aims

  • To respect, cooperate and encourage one another, and to make efforts for self-development.
  • To maintain a happy, clean, risk-free, safe and comfortable working environment.
  • To keep attention to the end of every activity and work all the way to the end. This in order to keep our commitments and duties.
  • To work in an efficient, economical and constant manner for thorough cost reduction.