Kinki Sharyo continues to develop superior technology and cultivate creativity with sincerity and enthusiasm in order to contribute to the achievement of a comfortable transportation environment.

 For nearly a century, since our inception in 1920, Kinki Sharyo has been perfecting the manufacturing of rolling stock. Our railcars are engineered to the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort to satisfy the diverse demands of our customers and their riding public. Kinki Sharyo continues to receive praise, not only in Japan but also internationally, as evidenced by the many awards such as the “Brunel” and the “Good Design” award and from the increasing expansion of our exports worldwide, such as the US and Dubai.

 The early acquisition of ISO 9001 demonstrates Kinki Sharyo’s commitment to reliable designs, innovative manufacturing technology and stringent quality control. We continually collaborate to develop new technologies based on the principles of RAMS. Kinki Sharyo proudly continues to build a stronger, higher level management base in order to provide exceptional products and dependable after-market support for our customers, while always seeking harmonious co-prosperity with all concerned stakeholders.

 The world’s railways are once again gaining attention as an eco-friendly mode of transportation, because electric railcars have no CO2 emissKinki Sharyo has acquired ISO 14001 certification demonstrating our commitment to environmental conservation not only in our end products but also during their fabrication and construction. We are proud of being able to contribute to the global community by manufacturing products that are both user-friendly and environmentally responsible.

We take pride in our superior manufacturing technology and dependable quality.

For today’s active lifestyles, people need a predictable and comfortable mode of transportation. Railways in particular must provide stability and reliability to simplify our everyday lives. Kinki Sharyo manufactures high-quality and reliable rolling stock to fulfill these demands.
From high-speed trains to Light Rail Vehicles (LRV), our various railcar products are created from our ambition for technological advancements including the use of sophisticated robotic equipment. Changing people’s impressions of stainless steel railcars, Kinki Sharyo is producing the world’s first stainless steel carbodies using innovative laser welding. We strive to create new rolling stock products making full use of progressive technologies such as through introducing laser-hybrid welding for aluminum rolling stock and developing low-floor vehicles and hybrid trains using battery system capable of running on the track without overhead catenary.
Through its wealth of technology and diligent efforts, Kinki Sharyo is always promoting high-quality rolling stock manufacturing.
With our spirit behind the Kinki Sharyo brand, we respond to the needs of society by manufacturing reliable rolling stock.

Giving shape to dreams- Kinki Sharyo is creating the future of rolling stock.

 Kinki Sharyo’ s rolling stock products, which serve as both a means of transportation as well as symbol of society, are specifically designed to match the culture and environment of the various regions of countries where they operate. Featuring beautiful and futuristic designs with an emphasis on user-friendliness, our railcars are easily accessible by all types of the general public,such as adults, children,senior citizens and the disabled.
 Kinki Sharyo’s innovative and aesthetically pleasing railcar designs are, born through a collaborative design process of our carbody, systems application, and bogie design experts. In this way, we provide our customers with superior technology verified by performance/function tests and analysis (truck dynamic rotation test, etc.).
 近“Well-founded and reliable proven design" . We are shaping the future of rolling stock with our progressive technology and exceptional quality and reliability.

We contribute to the world through rolling stock production.

Kinki Sharyo has taken an interest in overseas markets, resulting in the proactive development of its business in North America, the Middle East and various countries throughout Asia. We develop rolling stock products that complement the different cultures and customs of each region. It is necessary to maintain a broad perspective and strict standards in order to provide high-quality products that satisfy the global community. Our certification under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 demonstrates our commitment to these efforts, and together with internal standards, we are constantly building on our framework for manufacture of high-quality rolling stock.
 To correspond with the needs of full turnkey projects we recognize the importance of providing customers with after-market support is growing in overseas markets. Railway systems require sustainable technology with a focus on operations, service, maintenance, inspections, and personnel training. Kinki Sharyo is emerging as a leader in the global railway industry through operations and maintenance support and RAMS-based engineering technology.