Japanese 100% Low floor LRV for Hiroshima

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Concepts for Development of Type 5100 GREEN MOVER max

The name of this project, "U3," derives from the words "Ultimate," "Urban," and "User friendly." Kinki Sharyo Co., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Toyo Electric Co. have been collaborating in the development of this 100% ultra-low-floor articulated LRV.

Special features of GREEN MOVER max

The pursuit of greater comfort, reliability, and user-friendliness

  1. An increased number of seats: from 52 seats in the 5000 series to 62 seats in the 5100 series. The new seats are more comfortable, with particularly spacious sofa seats being used in the front cars. Under the Car E, the middle car, the bogie which is designed to be as compact as possible, is fitted with longer seats.
  2. Wider aisles: 830mm in the 5000 series to 880mm in the front cars and 1120mm in Car E, the middle car, of the 5100 series, making for a smoother flow of passengers through the cars. Comfortable for both seated and standing passengers.
  3. Most components are made in Japan, thereby providing reliability and enhanced maintenance.

Vehicle design

As is suitable for the nation's first user-friendly ultra-low-floor articulated LRV in the city of peace, Hiroshima, the body shape is completely new and smart, while maintaining a friendly feeling with its many rounded surfaces. The basic body color is two-tone, namely "peace white" and "joyful green," in addition to which a sunny yellow highlights the doors, thereby providing a new accent for the city's streets. While capitalizing on the traditional body colors of Hiroshima Electric Railway Company's trams, the bodies have a brighter and clearer image. The interior is aimed at producing a "soothing" space with a relaxed atmosphere. Careful attention has been paid to lighting, air-conditioning, and the materials used in the interiors of the vehicle. In particular, the air-conditioning system is aimed at providing comfort even during hot and humid Japanese summers. At the same time, it is important that an LRV retains local flavor and thus the 5100 series carries images of maple leaves, which are a symbol of Hiroshima, both internally and externally.

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