New 22600 Series “ACE” Cars to Debut in Kintetsu Limited Expr Trains!

We have delivered 10 cars of the new 22600 series to the Kintetsu Corporation that are to be used as Limited Express trains to increase the number of service vehicles or replace existing fleet. They were delivered as two 4-car consists and one 2-car consist.
The 22600 series was developed as an evolution of the 22000 series car, and has been named “ACE” the 22600 series will become the new Kintetsu Limited Express standard, with more comfortable, convenient seats, and separate smoking compartments. The new vehicles will enter service on many different lines that include Osaka, Nagoya, Nara, Kyoto, and Ise-Shima. They can also be coupled with existing general-use Limited Express cars such as the 22000 series.

The exterior design includes similar rounded edges to the 22000 series that give it an image of speed. The color is the traditional orange and blue of the Kintetsu Limited Express. In the interior, the seat pitch has been expanded by 50 mm and the foot space has also been increased. There will also be power outlets for the first time in a Kintetsu train. Amenities include smoking compartments with additional benches and auto-extinguishing ashtrays, and Western-style toilets with warm-water cleaning seats.

Seats in the passenger cars are “cradle” seats and are equipped with power outlets


Smoking compartment with additional benches and auto-extinguishing ashtrays


First Kintetsu train with Western-style toilets with warm-water cleaning seats


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