E257 series 500

East Japan Railway
Limited Express Electric Train "SAZANAMI, WAKASHIO"

Drawing on the style of the first "Amenity Vehicles," the body structure is made as broad as possible for rolling stock and provides spaciousness hitherto unknown in train passenger cabins. Both the internal and external design reflect the logo colors of the Boso expresses, namely blue (the deep blue of the Pacific), yellow (the brilliant sunshine and rape blossom of the Boso region) and white (summer beaches). All these factors combine to provide a comfortable journey.

E257-500 E256-500 E257-1500 E257-500 E256-500
TC-500 TC'-500 M-1500 M-500 M'-500
52 64 54 72 64
35.2t 34.2t 37.2t 37.6t 36.4t
Electric System DC 1500V, Overhead trolley system
Body Length 20500mm(Tc-500, Tc'-500)
Body Width 2946mm
Body Height 3760mm(Tc-500, Tc'-500)