As is suitable for the nation's first user-friendly ultra-low-floor articulated LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) in the city of peace, Hiroshima, the body shape is completely new and smart, while maintaining a friendly feeling with its many rounded surfaces. The basic body color is two-tone, namely "peace white" and "joyful green," in addition to which a sunny yellow highlights the doors, thereby providing a new accent for the city's streets. While capitalizing on the traditional body colors of Hiroshima Electric Railway Company's trams, the bodies have a brighter and clearer image.
At the same time, it is important that an LRV retains local flavor and thus the 5100 series carries images of maple leaves, which are a symbol of Hiroshima, both internally and externally.


Electric System DC600V, Overhead
Body Length 30000mm
Body Width 2450mm
Body Height 3450mm