100% Low-Floor Hybrid Streetcar with Wireless Li-ion Battery Power Propulsion System, the ameriTRAM is user-friendly and environmentally responsible.

 In cooperation with our US subsidiary Kinkisharyo USA Inc., Kinki Sharyo has developed and manufactured the ameriTRAM, a next-generation LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) streetcar for the US market. This 100% low-floor unit is fully ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. A major feature of this next-generation LRV is its ability to run either using the overhead catenary power or on built-in lithium-ion batteries.
 For more than a quarter of a century, we have now supplied over 500 LRVs to major cities in North America, and we take pride in holding the top market share in 70% low-floor LRVs in North America. And, by adding this new generation ameriTRAM, we are now able to respond to the needs of even more diverse customers.

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